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Whether you are hosting a special event or attending one, CS&A can conduct an in-depth site security advance to enhance security measures and mitigate risk to you and your organization.  This site security advance will include a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the event site, a custom Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), and critical incident training for your staff and security personnel.  We will also provide event specific executive protection training to your security staff.  CS&A can also provide operational and logistical support for your event, to include the development of a credentialing plan for the event and the procurement of secure transportation for event participants.

CS&A can conduct a detailed site vulnerability assessment of your school, business, or church premises to identify any physical security weaknesses as well as any policy or procedure inadequacies.  We will offer solutions to mitigate any noted vulnerabilities or deficiencies.  CS&A can design a custom Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) for your business or institution.  This plan will include procedures for Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lock Down, Reunification, and Continuity of Operations (COOP) as well as specific protocols for critical incidents that your organization is at risk of encountering.  CS&A can also conduct vital critical incident training with your staff and security personnel.

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